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Thank you for being interested in subscribing with us! This month's theme focus' on China's favorite spirit, baijiu! Included in your package is delectable quality syrups by a popular tea supplier, a refreshing house made passion fruit juice, our in-house blend of simple syrup using rock sugar, an amazing lotus flower flavored syrup and a few garnishes. It also includes our baijiu recommendations, and a list of things you may want to have in hand. This box includes all the ingredients you need to make 12 beverages, except the alcohol. All plans come with FREE SHIPPING! Sign ups for this period are between Monday June 1st, 2020 through Friday July 3rd. Shipments for this months theme will begin on Monday, July 6th.


Month to Month

$50 Charged every month

3 Month Prepay

$47/box. Charged every 3 months *save $9*

6 Month Prepay

$45/box. Charged every 6 months *save $30*

12 Month Prepay

$42/box. Charged every 12 months *save $96*