Who are y'all? What do y'all do?

Good questions.

We're a group of alcohol enthusiasts who love the idea of using Asian spirits in cocktails, but never got the chance to. So, this project is us showcasing our talents. 

We have An, one of our cofounders. He likes long walks on the beach with his corgis, Disneyland, and tequila. He's the one who does the backend work for this project, so the stuff you don't necessarily see but he's heavily involved with it. Shout out to An. His email probably got in your inbox. He's a wizard like that.

Then we have Song. She loves wine and cocktails, so she's automatically an amazing fit in our team. She's the one who designs all of our stuff and makes it look pretty. Shout out to Song. She's the reason why everything is so pretty.

Lastly, we have some fool named Chris. He loves his wife, and sake is his spirit of choice. He makes the drinks and takes the pictures, He's also the one that writes all the words. No shout out to this clown.

One thing we all have in common? We love alcohol. Another thing we all have in common? We love to teach people. So with the love of alcohol, the spirit of our heritages and cultures, and the will to teach others about Asian spirits and cocktail culture, we present to you EastBEV Co.

Our recipes

All of our recipes come from the creative mind of Chris. He produces these recipes, drawing inspiration from different beverages and Asian ingredients used in Asian cuisine (mainly Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Taiwanese and Japanese). We don’t outsource recipe development to other beverage designers or bartenders, since we emphasize on the home bartender in everyone. Not everybody has access to an extensive ingredient list, so many of these cocktails may be reproduced at home if you run out of ingredients we send you. You can find many of these ingredients in Asian grocers, and we hope you make these recipes more than 4 times!

Behind the process

Everything we create, curate, source, craft and make is all done in house. From designs, recipes, testing, sourcing products we cannot produce, website, content - everything is done by An, Chris, and Song (with the help of some friends). We try our best to hold the highest standard and level of quality for our box, and we hope you see the amount of passion and determination expressed in these boxes. 

Everyone else on the team

Both our moms help us bottle and make the syrups and juices we have in some of these boxes (thanks moms!). Both our family and friends try our recipes (from creation to tasting) to see if they’re able to replicate it, and more importantly if they taste great (thanks family and friends!).

The most important team members

You! Thank you for subscribing with us and taking the time and effort to try and create our drinks, sharing the experience with your family, guests and friends, and providing us with feedback on how to make things better or if there’s a different way to do something. We appreciate all the feedback we’ve received from our first ever business venture, and we would have not made it this far without the help of you lovely people.