Deep in the mountains of Dallas, Texas resided two alcohol enthusiasts, An and Chris. These two threw legendary parties back in their college days, but no party comes without the clean up behind it. With half empty liquor bottles and tons of mixers for the clean up, they felt like it would be a waste of alcohol if they just poured it down the sink. So, Chris, being a seasoned veteran of the hospitality industry, decided to take all of these bottles and turn them into delicious cocktails for dinner parties, weddings, and holding classes to teach people how to make these beverages. All the guests loved it when Chris bartended for these events, and An, having the entrepreneurial spirit in him, pitched an idea of them two opening a bar. Fast forward after doing the math, financing and opening a bar was way out of two college graduates budgets. So they lowered their expectations of a business, but still wanted to teach what Chris taught. This formed what we eventually called EastBevCo; a premium cocktail subscription box that emphasizes on all the ingredients Chris was comfortable with. These ingredients, mainly Asian spirits, juices and syrups, were Chris’ forte, as he worked and helped on many bar programs across Los Angeles that utilized these ingredients (Peking Tavern, Gyu-Kaku, Sushi Roku, to name a few). Through many trials and tribulations, many different renditions and lessons (our first name idea was Mix-o-Asia), we formed this subscription box with two goals in mind:

1.  To educate our guests of the drinking culture, cocktail scene, spirits, and ingredients used in Asian countries such as Taiwan, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Korea, and whatever other East Asian country we have not personally visited yet. 

2. Pay homage to our heritages by continuing the values we grew up with: loyalty, determination, and throwing kick ass parties 

We hope our guests are able to instill these values in their next party or gathering, as well as bringing along our box to the table. We can guarantee it’ll be a one of a kind gift or activity for all your guests to partake in, we’ve googled there’s nobody that does what we do. If there is please let us know so we can crush our enemies, and grind their bones into dirt.


Our recipes

All of our recipes come from the creative mind of Chris. He produces these recipes, drawing inspiration from different beverages and Asian ingredients used in Asian cuisine (mainly Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Taiwanese and Japanese). We don’t outsource recipe development to other beverage designers or bartenders, since we emphasize on the home bartender in everyone. Not everybody has access to an extensive ingredient list, so many of these cocktails may be reproduced at home if you run out of ingredients we send you. You can find many of these ingredients in Asian grocers, and we hope you make these recipes more than 4 times!

Behind the process

Everything we create, curate, source, craft and make is all done in house. From designs, recipes, testing, sourcing products we cannot produce, website, content - everything is done by An and Chris (with the help of some friends). We try our best to hold the highest standard and level of quality for our box, and we hope you see the amount of passion and determination expressed in these boxes. 

Everyone else on the team

Both our moms help us bottle and make the syrups and juices we have in some of these boxes (thanks moms!) Song, Chris’ wife, helps with content creation, editing and design (thank you wife!). Both our family and friends try our recipes (from creation to tasting) to see if they’re able to replicate it, and more importantly if they taste great (thanks family and friends!).

The most important team members

You! Thank you for subscribing with us and taking the time and effort to try and create our drinks, sharing the experience with your family, guests and friends, and providing us with feedback on how to make things better or if there’s a different way to do something. We appreciate all the feedback we’ve received from our first ever business venture, and we would have not made it this far without the help of you lovely people.


We appreciate you.