An Asian Juice Box

We make cocktails, some spicy, some sweet, all Asian. We’re here to teach you how. 

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We create 3 unique Asian inspired cocktails each month for your enjoyment 

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*we don’t send alcohol, sorry :(


Try our creations with your friends, family, guests, significant other, pets... 

Keep it simple. 

We provide all the ingredients, garnishes, instructions for the recipes, and information cards of what you’ll need. What you bring is alcohol and the tools needed to craft these cocktails. 

Why No Alcohol?

Short story: we can’t afford it

Long story: we want our guests to explore their neighborhood and explore new grocery stores they may have never been to. We want to educate our guests on Asian ingredients and spirits, and what better way to do that then our guests going out to buy the alcohol themselves! What we hope would happen while browsing for alcohol, is that they’ll explore the grocery store and try our different food and drinks they seem interested in. We want to be more than a box that teaches our guests how to make amazing Asian inspired cocktails. We want our guests to explore the Asian food and beverage scene, and become well versed in trying different things. Our ultimate goal is for our guests to share these ingredients and cocktails with their friends and family, so everyone can have a wonderful time learning about a new culture.


- All the ingredients (except the alcohol) to make 3 handcrafted Asian inspired cocktails 4 times (for a total of 12 beverages)

- Instructions, lessons, information, and recommendation cards on how to make the recipes, what you’ll need, and where to find it

- Our undying love and support through our A+ service team (self proclaimed)

Bonus: all the bottles we hand bottle, wrap and seal are all reusable!


What's on the menu 

For this month's box, we wanted to focus on the beauty of sake. We want to respect the delicate fermented spirit, so we compliment it by adding subtle flavors to really make the sake stand out. Sake is the star of the show, enhancing it to its fullest flavor. 

We use cherry blossom syrup, a light, subtly sweet syrup that really brings out the richness in sake. We also use yuzu juice, a light, semi tart citrus found in Japan to enhance the sweetness sake has. Both of these ingredients are Japanese inspired, for you guessed it, a Japanese themed cocktail box. This pays homage to Japanese cocktail culture and ingredients, as these two ingredients, and many more are commonly used in cocktails in Japan. Want to learn more? Sign up today before it’s too late for an intro to sake and Japanese cocktail culture!


What Our Fans Say

"I think this is really fun!" - Rebecca Reviews

"I think it's a cute concept!" - Michel Janse

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