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Asian Spirit Enthusiasts Rejoice!

We make cocktails, some spicy, some sweet, all Asian. We’re here to teach you how. Subscribe now & broaden your pallet, become a better home bartender & home entertainer!


Who are we? 

We are a premium cocktail subscription box that wants to teach you how to make delicious Asian inspired beverages in the comfort of your own home! Each month we send you:

  • 3 recipe cards
  • (Almost) all the ingredients to make 4 servings for each recipe
  • Instructions, lessons, information, and recommendations on how to make the recipes, what you’ll need, and where to find it
  • Our undying love and support through our A+ service team (self proclaimed)

Bonus: all the bottles we hand bottle, wrap, and seal are all reusable!

Here's how it works

1. Choose a plan!

2. Be patient.

3. Enjoy!

Introducing our launching box...

The Sake Box!


For this month's box, we wanted to focus on the beauty of sake. We want to respect the delicate fermented spirit, so we compliment it by adding subtle flavors to really make the sake stand out. Sake is the star of the show, we just want to enhance it to its fullest flavor. 

We use cherry blossom syrup, a light, subtly sweet syrup that really brings out the richness in sake. We also use yuzu juice, a light, semi tart citrus found in Japan to enhance the sweetness sake has. Both of these ingredients are Japanese inspired, for you guessed it, a Japanese themed cocktail box. This pays homage to Japanese cocktail culture and ingredients, as these two ingredients, and many more are commonly used in cocktails in Japan. Want to learn more? Sign up today before it’s too late for an intro to sake and Japanese cocktail culture!


What our fans say about us!

"None of the cocktails in the first box grabbed me with “I must drink this right now” gravitas, but they all acquitted themselves admirably" - Chris from Drinkhacker

"EastBEV Co is a really fun box. I enjoyed learning new cocktail recipes with Asian ingredients and hope that they feature Korean beverages in the future. I'm excited to see what they have in store!" - Danielle from SeeShopLove.

"For aficionados of Asian culture and for those who like to experiment with their food and drink, East Bev is a fun addition to a dinner party." - Greg from Simple-Cocktails

 "I am really taken with this EastBEVCo box and so happy I got to try it." - Sarah from Creative Ramblings